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Searching your database

The search facility in WinRK is a very powerful tool, letting you drill deep down into your data.  Help and advice on usage can be found in the Help section, but some of the syntax can bit a bit daunting for complex searches. Look at the examples below to see just how flexible this utility could be:

Example 1

To find all Peals of Caters (any method), set up the search like this:

Find Performances Where Method Like BE[Caters]

And Full Peal Like  True

Example 2

To find all Quarter Peals of Surprise (any method), where ringer Fred G Bloggs rang the treble, set up the search like this:

Find Performances Where Method Like TY[Surprise]

And Quarter Like  True

And Ringer Like Bloggs, Fred G On bell 1

If you have a specific search requirement with which you are struggling, please contact us and we will try to help you.

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